Free your cells of all harmful substances!

Detox Dream Shake

Enjoy good health and

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The cocktail ingredients fuel all the cells inside your body. Uncontaminated cells operate at top performance and you feel like you could
move mountains!

Advantages of Detox Dream Shake:

  • Take care of your body with Detox Dream Shake that cleanses your body from toxins, which ruin your everyday comfort of life.
  • Smog, pollution, and omnipresent food preservatives will stop affecting your body and won’t accumulate in it.
  • The Sunday mornings after a party will no longer be anguish if you support your liver properly!
  • Enhance your mind and body capabilities - greater concentration and remarkable physical endurance.
  • Feel more energy that you can use for everyday pleasures.
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Detox Dream Shake

A natural antioxidant formula!

Detox Dream Shake has a delicious raspberry flavour. However, its main advantage is its composition that is full of active ingredients, which cleanse your body in a pleasant way. The formula is based on fibres, common nettle and dandelion extracts which literally wash out all the redundant and harmful substances from your body!

Detox Dream Shake
Dandelion root

Dandelion root boosts body detoxification and metabolism. Cleanses blood, perfectly detoxifies, strengthens liver and gallbladder. Also, supports digestion and stimulates bile production. Lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels. This is the strongest substance that eliminates toxins.

Detox Dream Shake
3 types of fibre

3 types of fibre: apple, blackcurrant and chokeberry make your digestive system work like a well-oiled machine and remove all harmful substances from your body.

Detox Dream Shake
Common nettle

Common nettle supports excretion functions of kidneys. Good functioning kidneys constantly filter blood and remove unnecessary substances. Common nettle copes well with uric acid and prevents kidney stones from forming. Strengthens the immune system and restores body biological balance.

Do you think that body contamination
does not concern you?

If you often notice:
  • headaches
  • pimples on skin
  • memory and concentration problems
  • constant fatigue
  • sleep problems
then you need a body detox!
Remove the toxins now!

Detox Dream Shake effectiveness
has been confirmed by research

Detox Dream Shake Detox Dream Shake

With Detox Dream Shake the number of removed toxins grows significantly after just a few days!

Detox Dream Shake Number of days with Detox Dream Shake Removed toxins
Detox Dream Shake

Body detox - the first step to your dream figure!

Do you know why losing weight is so difficult? Because most people are not aware of one fundamental thing... the toxins! An overburdened liver is not able to efficiently process fats and as a consequence, we gain weight. What is more, if your body struggles with too many toxins then slimming ingredients work less efficiently.

Make the first and the most important step! Prepare your body for weight loss. Get rid of all the harmful substances and see how easy it is to burn fat!
Change your life
with Detox Dream Shake

Prepare it in just… 15 seconds!

Pour water to a glass and add 2 teaspoons of the cocktail, then mix it. It’s ready! Simple, right? You can prepare this cocktail everywhere, e.g. at work or while on a trip.

Add your favourite to the shake, for example fruits. Create your own unique cocktail.

Try it out!

For everybody!

Are you a vegan? Maybe you are lactose intolerant or allergic to soya? Our formula is completely safe and it is suitable for everyone. We have managed to create a composition that is based on safe, natural ingredients.

Detox Dream Shake

They have already got rid of toxins. Now it is your turn!

Detox Dream Shake
“I feel so much better now. I recommend it to everyone.”

I love to run and I spend a lot of time outdoors. Unfortunately, during winter you can feel the unpleasant smog odour. In this season, I read a lot to stay at home, but then I would have to quit my passion… Anti-smog masks do not protect you in 100%. Luckily, on my Facebook group, someone recommended me the detox cocktail which removes all the harmful substances that I inhale with air. So, I have ordered Detox Dream Shake and now I feel much better than before. I definitely recommend this product to everyone, not only runners.

Mark, 31 years old

Detox Dream Shake
“I feel that I have more energy, even after a party marathon.”

I’m not going to lie, I like to party hard during the weekends. However, this lifestyle can be very exhausting and has a detrimental effect on health. Alcohol, cigarettes and other things. But I know what can help me. Every morning I drink your detox cocktail. Not only it is delicious but also eliminates headaches and I don’t feel a hangover during the weekend. I feel that I have more energy, even after some binge drinking. I will never stop using Detox Dream Shake!

Andrew, 26 years old

Detox Dream Shake
“After one week I feel fresh and spry!”

Recently I felt a bit tired and my face was covered in pimples. I thought that my body needs detoxification that is why I’ve decided to help myself. There are lots of detox products on the market, infusions or capsules, but it is better to drink a delicious cocktail, right? This was one of the reasons why I have picked Detox Dream Shake. When it comes to the results: my pimples disappeared and after a week I felt full of energy again! What is interesting, I did not change my lifestyle at all! I drink Detox Dream Shake every day and I fear no toxins.

Patricia, 35 years old

Do you have a question? Check the FAQ!

1. Who should drink the Detox Dream Shake cocktail?

The product is dedicated to anyone who wants to get rid of toxins stored in their body. The composition of strong ingredients such as dandelion and common nettle guarantee body cleansing. The cocktail is very easy to prepare and can be drunk by vegans and people who are lactose intolerant.

2. What are the ingredients of the cocktail?

Ingredients: apple fibre, blackcurrant fibre, chokeberry fibre, filling agent – maltodextrin, acidity regulator – citric acid, colourant – beetroot concentrate, raspberry aroma, vanilla aroma, thickening agent – xanthan gum, anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide, dandelion root extract (Taraxacum officinale), common nettle herb extract (Urtica dioica), sweetener – sucralose.

3. What is the composition of the cocktail?

Detox Dream Shake cocktail contains 3 types of fibre, which are known for their beneficial properties for digestive system. Dandelion root and common nettle are 2 natural ingredients, which effectively eliminate toxins from your body.

4. How many servings are in one Detox Dream Shake?

One Detox Dream Shake contains 20 servings.

5. How to use Detox Dream Shake?

Drink one cocktail per day. Pour 150 ml of lukewarm water into a glass and add 2 full teaspoons of the cocktail (10 g). Mix it and it's ready! You can add something you like to make it even more delicious!

6. How to store the product?

You should store the product at room temperature in a dry place. Keep away from small children.

7. What is the cocktail flavour?

Our cocktail has a cleansing raspberry taste.

8. What is the product net weight?

The net weight of the product is 200g.

9. How long do I have to wait for my parcel?

The orders are processed in 1-2 working days. The product will be delivered via a reputable courier company in a discreet, ordinary box.

10. Do you ship abroad?

Of course, we ship our products worldwide.

Detox Dream Shake

Advantages of Detox Dream Shake:

  • comprehensive body detox
  • discreet and fast delivery
  • natural ingredients
  • safe payment methods
Enjoy the Detox Dream Shake!

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